RWA is also known as Residential Welfare Association. It relates to activities included in Residential areas. RWA activities are one of the most effective branding strategies in business. RWA activation can bring small-scale gathering of a society and generate publicity about the specific service or product of a business. As an important promotional platform, RWA impacts on the advertising networking to create a pleasant ambience for business operations.

RWA activation in the form of society activation has immense potential in advertising. It offers a direct interaction with the target audience. The engagement involved in RWA Activation not only provides a comfortable environment to interact with customers but also a pragmatic environment for families and individuals or just targeted group of customers within a family with the brand or company.

Today many metropolitan cities in India have co-operative housing societies. Such housing societies have become a forum for promoting your brand or even starting a launch of new product or service. RWA activation are an ideal option for allowing direct interactions between businesses and consumers, bringing your product, service or brand to the end user instantly.

Features of RWA Activities

The RWA Activities are completely based on promoting the business in a small or large community through programs and innovative marketing strategies. RWA Activation promotes business through direct communication and contact with the public. It is essential in targeting specific group of people residing in housing societies. Promotional activities happen through live demonstration and canopy activities.

RWA Activities include planning mega events, and encouraging promotions through tempting activities or games, sales, data collection and all types of promotional activities. Events are highlighted through game shows, cultural events, musical events as well as food stalls.

As a direct means of contact between the customers and the businesses, RWA Activities help in the promotion of the product or service among various housing societies. This is an essential tool in grabbing the customer’s and patron’s attention. It also creates a positive response about the product or service, aiding in the brand building process.

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